The definition of luxury is different from person to person, but is desired by everyone.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a peaceful ride on a luxurious yacht in the middle of a river, surrounded by the love of your friends and family, and the peaceful silence of the atmosphere!

Just picture this, you are in a world class yacht, sailing through the clear water. With the gentle wind caressing your face and the happy sound of your loved ones, you are having a time of your live and want to cherish the moment forever.


Just the sound of it seems like a dream; well, not anymore. Because with Neptune Yacht andLimo, you get all that at one stop.

Started in the year 2015, Neptune Yacht and Limo is a breakthrough in the market of Exclusiveyacht rentals. With their finest collection of yachts and excellent services, their clients go home with a wide smile on their faces.

Every yacht in their collection has different guest capacity for you to choose from according to your own comfort and desires. Apart from the luxury provided, these yachts are an amazing place to hold a grant celebration for the people who matter in your life. With exceptional services like catering, hostess service, photography and what not, you get the best Party yachts on rent in the country.

Neptune Yacht and Limo has the option for Private charter yacht rentals, so that you can enjoy in absolute privacy and without any disturbance.


There are millions of yacht rentals around the world and many of them might offer you great services as well, but the service isn’t the only thing people seek for while renting something as big and expensive as a life size yacht; the price matters too. Neptune Yacht and Limo understands your expectations regarding the prices and give you the Cheapest luxury yachts in Dubai.

Neptune Yacht and Limo believes that their customers come first and their comfort and satisfaction matters the most to them. So, to make their experience special, they go out of the way and try to create an environment that their clients will forever remember and cherish.


So, the next time when you feel like sharing any of your special day or achievement with your near and dear ones, just remember that Neptune Yacht and Limo is always ready at your service.

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